Top 5 sushi rolls you need to try

5. Dragon Sushi Roll

dragon Dragon If you are an eel lover, the dragon roll should be your number one pick. While the base roll may differ depending on the store, it is usually a California roll, but on top, you’ll get a whole sheet of eel. Eel is a sea snake, and snakes resemble dragons, and thus came the name dragon roll. But there are restaurants that decorate it to make it look like an actual dragon.

4. California Sushi Roll

California Sushi Roll California Sushi Roll The most famous sushi roll of all takes the number 4 spot, the California sushi roll. Formerly called the Tojo sushi roll, this is the father of all sushi rolls. With crab meat, avocado, and cucumber wrapped uramaki style, it makes it safe to eat for those who want to stay away from raw fish, but amazingly delicious. But more and more, lower-end sushi restaurants are using “imitation crab meats” as their crab. How do you tell the difference? If the crab meat has a red exterior and is in a stick form, it’s fake. Actual crab meat will usually be shredded in to small bits. Make sure you’re not being fooled with the pricing.

3. Spicy Tuna Sushi Roll

Surpassing the California sushi roll is the spicy tuna sushi roll. Spicy tuna is also a western invention, which uses minced tuna mixed with various seasoning like mayo and spicy oil to make that nice hot flavor (recipes varies at restaurants). It is wrapped uramaki style with cucumber, and in many cases has a sesame seed exterior. I see some customers asking to customize that a bit to substitute the cucumber with avocado, which definitely can’t hurt. California sushi roll and spicy tuna sushi rolls are not so hard to make, so we definitely recommend trying it at home.

2. Caterpillar Sushi Roll

So you have a huge thing for eels, but also happen to be an avocado lover (as many of us are). So comes the caterpillar sushi roll at number 2 in the rankings because while the notion of caterpillar may not be appetizing, the ingredients sure are. The base roll consists of eel and cucumber. It will be topped with sheet after sheet of avocado and eel sauce. So you really get a lot of both. You can say it’s the reverse version of the dragon sushi roll.

TIP: Eel is more expensive than avocado, therefore, a dragon sushi roll should be AT LEAST $2 more than your caterpillar sushi roll. If they are around the same price range, it’s either you’re getting a smashing deal on your dragon sushi roll or your avocados on the caterpillar are priced like toro. And last time I checked, avocados did not have a belly.

1. Spider Sushi Roll

The number one popular sushi roll ranking is the Spider Roll. It’s very different from the other rolls above in that, it’s wrapped uramaki, but using a super futomaki technique (much thicker than the other rolls). It contains a fried soft-shell crab, which is crispy and juicy. Because the crab is caught when still young, the shell is not too hard and edible. Some restaurants will serve the fried soft-shell crab a la carte as an appetizer.